@thomasfuchs this is something that my eyes have opened up to recently. I left a “smart wearable” startup for an older startup that has an actual FDA approved AI algorithm that gives actual diagnoses to people. It’s a huge change in mentality around risk and possible harm instead of just chasing the cool new advances.

Bird deaths down 70 percent after painting wind turbine blades – The study ran for nine years at Norway’s Smøla wind farm

Something as simple as black paint could be the key to reducing the number of birds that are killed each year by wind turbines. According to a study conducted at a wind farm on the Norwegian archipelago of Smøla, changing the color of a single blade on a turb ...continues

See gadgeteer.co.za/bird-deaths-do

#birds #environment #windturbines

Star Trek film where they have to go back in time and relearn the long lost art of muppeteering and then create a 22nd Century Sesame Street to communicate with the terrifying orb playing the Muppet Show theme at Earth

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Which movie should I watch tonight? (The other will be watched in the next day or two)

If you abbreviate Marjorie Taylor Greene to MTG, I know one thing about you, and that is that you do not play Magic: The Gathering.

first they came for the immigrants, but i didn't care, because those people cause a lot of problems and they're unclean and strange

then they came for the homeless, but i didn't care, because i like my cities clean and they could just get a job, really what's so hard about that

then they came for the pregnant, but i didn't care, because men like me can always get their girlfriends an abortion if needed

then they came for the trans people, but i didn't care, because frankly they're sort of weird and just a fad and we're just indulging them and their wacko doctors

then they came for the permanently disabled, but i didn't care, because i was in good health and they should just stay at home or eat healthier

then they came for the journalists, and i wrote an op-ed titled “first they came for the journalists”

— liberal journalists

@marxbot last time I did “material intercourse” I got busted for indecent exposure 😔

The NIH finally got their SARS2 self-reporting tool off the ground. The data will be passed off to public health systems, which means case rates will likely reflect results reported through their system.



Please keep wearing masks, the pandemic isn't over, holidays make it worse, and a lot of us disabled people feel completely abandoned.

@digdug oh yeah, Twitter isn’t “good” it’s just still where most people are. Sunk cost + network effects are hard to overcome without the old place totally failing.

@digdug I think a lot of people (myself partly included) joined as a backup in case Twitter goes down. Until it actually happens I expect most people are posting there.

Great read!

"Today, it’s getting harder to believe that these networks will last forever. In the blink of an eye, they’ve gone from unassailable eternal mountains to shifting sands that might blow away at at time. Users are scrambling to download their data and tell their friends where they can be found if (when?) the service disappears.

How did these systems go from permanent to ephemeral? How did it happen so quickly..."

@nullagent I’m pretty happy with Metatext. Much better than the default/official app (which is the only other one I’ve tried).

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