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Join us TONIGHT on Twitter Spaces for a discussion 🗣️ on the political moment 🚂 and how we got here 🛤️ twitter.com/i/spaces/1dRKZMDXw

just lost my wisdom teeth in the proletariat fights against the bourgeoisie

This site balances the line between familiarity and me feeling like my dad trying to setup an apple device.

Musk’s reign at Twitter has increased risks to users—especially those in crisis zones around the world who flocked to Twitter for expression during unrest—by unraveling guardrails against misinformation, harassment, and censorship. eff.org/deeplinks/2022/11/twit

By the way, if you have the option, join a #union. If anything, the recent wave of layoffs and managerial BS has shown that we cannot hope things to magically be OK just by complaining at the pub or on social media.

Join your union! ✊

E.g., for academics, postgrads, and uni casuals in #Australia, the NTEU: nteu.au/join_form #academia #unions #academics

accidentally ran over jorts the cat with my car :(

Reply with a png of your chapter's logo and I'll make an emoji of it.

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Both of these items have:
- A biscuit
- A sausage patty
- An egg
- A hashbrown
- A medium coffee

So why is there a 15% discount for ordering the Big Breakfast with a coffee??

You can get that down to a *27% discount* when you apply a $0.99 coffee (any size) coupon.

Welcome to our first DSA caucus, @dsaRandR ! They are officially the Mastodon vanguard of DSA

Let's give a big welcome to the DSA New Jersey chapter! 🌹 @admin

Let's give a big welcome to the DSA New Jersey chapter! 🌹 @admin

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