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On the anniversary of Brexit, we’re clear that leaving the EU was a mistake. We miss our Labour colleagues and the UK’s contribution to our Union.

We’re convinced that a closer partnership than we currently have would be a huge step forward for the UK.

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Cruel! They danced before the Azadi (freedom) Tower in Tehran. Then they were arrested in Nov. , 21, & Amir Mohammad Ahmadi, bloggers, are now sentenced to 10 yrs in prison, & 2 yrs ban from leaving Iran & using social media.

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NEW: a PAC fighting progressive primary challengers is funded by one man who happens to be the richest person in Pennsylvania, a GOP mega donor who has avoided $1 billion in taxes: Jeff Yass. Biden’s former campaign manager is the PAC’s only consultant theintercept.com/2023/01/25/je

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The IEET and @UMBEthics@twitter.com Future of Work lecture series resumes Wednesday, February 1st at 12pm EST, with @StephenMarche@twitter.com speaking on "What not to talk about when we talk about AI".

Zoom registration link: umassboston.zoom.us/j/76986265

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NEW: Inside a Nazi homeschooling group run by the Lawrences, a couple from Upper Sandusky, OH, and parents of four young children.

The group has almost 2,500 member and the founders say its aim is "making sure that children become wonderful Nazis”



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Ano Daddy

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strong rebuff to toxic populism, misfinformation, and the seduction of foreign dictators/aggressors in Central Europe. theguardian.com/world/2023/jan

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@joeyayoub@twitter.com makes this point in Laussan: multipolarism denies ppl a voice. "They will continue to treat our dead the same way they treat us while alive, as pawns in an imagined global chessboard where forces of evil battle the forces of good." /15 lausancollective.com/2021/peri

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LGBTQA+ is the predecessor to transhumanism; and then posthumanism

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All public school librarians in Florida need to pack up their books in order for them to be looked over for “approval”. This is fascism, plain and simple.

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Russian authorities' decision to liquidate the Moscow Helsinki Group, a prominent human rights organization and among the country's oldest, is “yet another blow to human rights and civic space in the country." -- U.N. rights office. news.un.org/en/story/2023/01/1

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World Futures Day - Young Voices is starting on March 1st, hosted on Zoom and streamed Live on YouTube. On March 1 st 2023, conversations with young people about the future will take place all the way around the world. Registration is now open at tinyurl.com/27jhbrzz

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New Czech Prez Pavel, political independent, supports the redistribution of wealth, EU and NATO membership, Ukraine against Russia, same-sex marriage and rejects the death penalty.

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Everyone say hello to the new Czech president Petr Pavel

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The Congressional Progressive Caucus now claims an all-time high of 103 members — nearly half of all House Democrats.

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My daughter has become a union maid: graduate student workers at the University of Chicago are voting on whether to unionize at the end of the month.

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