When freezing rain shuts down the city and the wedding officiant gets COVID but you're mainly still doing it because you really wanted health insurance...That's amore. πŸ’–

A woman on the Amtrak asked my mother if she could hold her baby for her while she gets a coffee from the bistro car. My sweet mother said of course and is now rocking "the baby"

A bonus, a raise, two tie-dye pillow cases and life advice is what I got from my secret Santa gift at work. I got the boss and they got me. So... Damn.

Kinda feel bad that all I got them was a bottle of MalΓΆrt...

Starting all your statements at work with "as the lowest paid person here," seems to make the business owners upset.

Student loan forgiveness is still a thing, right? My gods I hope so...

boost to pet the cat
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