There’s nothing courageous about overly scrutinizing AOC or the squad. Right wing media outlets do that every day! What can anyone who is left leaning learn from saying “wow AOC anti-labor”? That’s not an analysis, that low hanging fruit.

80% of China’s population supports their 0 civic policy. But that does not mean frustration doesn’t exist. However, the risk of long Covid dispersed throughout the country was and still is not worth the collective health of Chinese citizens. The people of China are, understandably, asking for financial relief due to the economic impact of Covid, not this vague and western conception of “freedom”.

Marxism-Leninism is the ideology of the working class and the oppressed. The capitalist class many times over has concocted ideologies cloaked in Marxist language but ultimately are anti-Communist. Leninism has been road tested by our party, the CPUSA, for over 100 years. We stand today ready to fight with the working class in the struggle for socialism.

The international working class will save the human race!

let's hear it for socialism folks! how about them workers! copy & toot this on your page to show solidarity with the international working class✊ 💯

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