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Twitter image upload broken but here you have access to as much s3 storage as our host tier allows!

Posting on Mastodon like "damn, Twitter being down has forced us all into the real"

Twitter is experiencing a major outage, our time is now! Knew keeping this thing up was worth.

We ran into some SSL certificate issues this weekend but we're back online!


Once again asking you to support the Woburn Teachers the mayor is not willing to increase the pay ParaProfessionals, who currently make $22,000 a year, the demand is to raise that to $28,000

As we in boston experience a much warmer -1°F/-18°C take a look at Mount Washington

Haven't posted in a bit here. So here's the post. That's it.

Gonna start telling people Tubular Bells is a Christmas album

Regressing to undergrad (eating pretzels and a block of the sharpest cheese I could find as a snack).

Alright so Twitter spaces and replies are busted, our time draws near.

Rail union should wildcat if half of them are already willing to quit


Last year, the rail industry made a record-breaking $20 billion in profits. They can afford to give their workers paid sick leave. The rail industry must put the quality of life of their employees over profits. I stand with rail workers.


A Christmas Carol but it’s Amtrak Joe Biden getting a visit from Scabby the Rat

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