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Am I a goose? Am I a truck? Some other secret thrid thing perhaps?

Our so-called leaders and their tame scientists have known for years — for decades — that the climate crisis was approaching fast and might soon spiral out of control, and yet they've done almost nothing about it. Why?

Because governments, industries, billionaire business owners, and major media all have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. The longer they can keep pretending that business-as-usual is just fine, the more money they will make.

Still, they meet year after year at luxury resorts to make promises they never intend to keep, their only goal to push real action farther and farther away so they can reap the profits of burning coal and oil and gas and 'biomass', polluting the atmosphere and the oceans, sending countless species to extinction.

#Environment #Climate #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateAction #Greenwashing #Extinction

grocery store chains: we set record profits this year

retail chains: we've never made so much money

energy companies: we just posted our best quarter on record

news article: who is to blame for inflation? you peasants wanting wages, probably

What with the slippery slope of marriage equality being enshrined into law, I am dismayed that I'm STILL unable to wed the giant wheel of Wisconsin cheddar I betrothed myself to in 2015.

For the sake of empathy, I ask you all to take a second to consider things from the perspective of Conservatives:

Inflation is out of control. Housing is unaffordable. The healthcare system is broken. Everyone is drowning in student debt. Ecosystems are collapsing. We're constantly on the brink of war.

So naturally, one would ask, how can we even hope to solve these daunting and complex issues if we do not have detailed information on the genitals of every American citizen?

This week's comic: What we are experiencing in America right now is not so much a "culture war" as an asymmetrical attack on basic freedoms and human rights.

#cartoon #lqbtq #race #language #framing

Back in 2004, Michael Parenti said that the policies of the unipolarist neoconservative ideology that rules US politics would push for a strategic confrontation with Beijing.

Today we're seeing the culmination of these policies come to fruition.

#FoxNews is being Fox “News” again. They insinuate that because the Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior #Chippewa has accepted ANY money from the feds (even from HHS, as if that’s relevant), their roads aren’t theirs, but rather US taxpayers’. They further frame the tribe as villains against the townies. That’s not reporting; that’s advocacy. They’ll do anything to undermine #Native #Sovereignty & #Indigenous rights to fair treatment.

Actual journalists show reality:

Corporations want to bring back child labor, and some states are on board.

Arkansas: 9 year-olds can now be hired to work without parental ok.
Iowa: 14 year-olds could soon work in industrial freezers, meat coolers, and mines.
Ohio: kids may soon work year-round until 9pm

Seen at a local library. Can't believe it's come to this

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