Why Socialists Need to Talk About Justice: After decades on the margins of political life, the last few years have seen socialism make a comeback as a topic for serious deliberation. Among contemporary political theorists, there is now a maturing debate about whether market socialism, universal basic income, property-owning democracy, council communism, or a post-work utopia should be our vision of the […] jacobin.com/2022/12/capitalism

I need clarification. I know that the US diversity comes from immigration, but is it not also from colonialism?

Neutral knowledge does not exist. Knowledge production or what and how we understand “reality” and “truth” is an extremely political process. What is “reality” or “truth”? How do we know this “reality”? Is there only one reality or are there many of them?

--Sylvia Tamale

Elon Musk suspended Linette Lopez from Twitter after years of critical reporting on his companies.

In a new piece, she lays out Elon Musk’s playbook of exploiting workers while building a cult following. These tactics aren’t new. Musk has always been this way, regardless of what former boosters like Kara Swisher want you to believe. They were just happy to ignore it for access while journalists like Lopez did the work.


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The Washington Post and NYT response to the
platform arbitrarily banning its reporters shows how
liberal institutions really struggle when dealing with
the far right.

They quietly negotiated behind the scenes to keep
their reporters on there, essentially leaving independ-
ent journalists and the intercept's journalists out in
the cold. This is before we even get to the targeted
purge of anti-fascist accounts that has gone largely
ignored by the mainstream press.

This meant that Musk was able to silence large
amounts of his critics while weakening the hand of
the liberal outlets. It has set the stage for a periodic
cycle of purges now.

| also want to be very clear here, this is a critique of
the editorial boards of these institutions and not the
journalists who were banned for covering Musk.

The only way to win that interaction is to go nuclear
and impose as many costs on Musk as possible
through a coordinated response on the front pages
of the major outlets with something like a blacked
out front page with the faces of the journalists below
a with a big with the headline


Anything short of that means you're applying
pressure when you are in a weaker position to do so.
This is difficult for liberal institutions because of their
belief in civility politics, pretense of impartiality and
defacto trust for other institutions.


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All DPRK journalists have full freedom to criticize Western billionaires, without fear of reprisals

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A comrade is editing a special issue of a journal that focuses on the labour activism of postsecondary information workers in Canada. They are seeking feedback on what you'd like to read about in terms of academic libraries, archives, museums and organizing. Please take a minute to chime in!


Join us TONIGHT on Twitter Spaces for a discussion 🗣️ on the political moment 🚂 and how we got here 🛤️ twitter.com/i/spaces/1dRKZMDXw

@emsenn Might find this interesting. Can possibly use something other than plastic bottle youtu.be/FGZmGHVgL7s

“Continued systemic racism in policing, including racial profiling and dangerous stereotypes, leads to disturbing rates of death and injury of Indigenous people in police custody.”

Pivot…calls for law and policy-makers to take action.” #bcpoli windspeaker.com/news/windspeak

There's misinformation floating around about Mastodon. Clarifying things:

1. Mastodon doesn't rely on volunteers. It's a registered non-profit that employs people. Kind of like how Wikipedia and Mozilla are non-profits that employs people.
2. Many instances are run by volunteers but not all.
3. Mastodon is just one part of the Fediverse. Benefits of decentralization is that anyone can build on open protocols.
4. Mastodon is big, but Flickr and Tumbler are bigger -- they're joining the Fediverse

Whether or not they're really useful in the end, I do find @obsidianmd vault graphs intoxicating to look at. These are the files, tags, links of my early history of the bicycle in Latin America research.

Don't forget to HYDRATE and REST so you can continue to EXPERIENCE existential DREAD

"You should trust your immune system!" My immune system thinks peanuts are dangerous

Racism on brutal scale. 

turns out letting a virus run wild leads to variants, it’s too bad we didn’t know this until like 7th grade

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