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June Huh dropped out of highschool, failed several courses in college, took six years to graduate, and then won the equivalent of a Nobel prize in mathematics:

There are a couple things about Mastodon that I think get in the way of wider adoption:
1. Lack of media embeds
2. Instances don't share enough data between each other: when I click on a post, I should see all the interactions -- not just the ones from my instance. Ditto with profiles not showing followers, etc.
3. Discoverability is pretty poor

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Mastodon meta 

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If you are a pregnant teen (<18) in any of the 36 states with a "parental-involvement" law, getting an abortion requires involving your parents or petitioning a judge for permission. Or you can travel out of state.

I made these maps for Lizzie Presser's incredible and infuriating story about teen access to abortion and the devastating impact of parental-involvement laws.

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Rail union should wildcat if half of them are already willing to quit

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By the way, if you have the option, join a #union. If anything, the recent wave of layoffs and managerial BS has shown that we cannot hope things to magically be OK just by complaining at the pub or on social media.

Join your union! ✊

E.g., for academics, postgrads, and uni casuals in #Australia, the NTEU: #academia #unions #academics

May Chaya Raichik never know happiness in this life or the next

It doesn't matter if you have a cushy Silicon Valley job with a high salary and lots of benefits. If you don't have democratic control over your workplace, your position is just as precarious as the workers' at Twitter

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He bought Twitter, so he has unilateral power to destroy it and screw over every worker at the company. If any of the workers needed a visa or the company healthcare, they're fucked

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Elon Musk's handling of twitter is going to be a case study in the sheer incompetence, delusion, and narcissism of the billionaire class and how the people that they employ are completely powerless to stop them

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How about I go on a hunger strike until Mastodon lets me quote posts, would that work?

What's the greater evil there, huh? The occasional dunk, or starving beloved children's book author fasterthanlime???

Did you know? In Limitless (2011), protagonist Eddie Morra takes a pill that gives him superhuman intelligence, then decides to go into finance and politics. This is widely considered a movie mistake because only complete morons do either of those things

I love the nimby whose argument against affordable housing is "I would rather this empty lot be used for a farm" they really just say anything lol

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