haha at least all my friends are also on mastodon and totally haven’t deleted the app yet

There’s an entire genre of Asian men who have never been laid

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If you post stupid shit to your Substack we’re all making fun of you in our groupchats

I have a friendship with a finance guy who I roomed with once in college where I post photos of my cooking and he replies “that looks so dank”

Did something happen on Twitter for me to start getting a bunch of new followers?

Adding quote-toots to Mastodon would make it massively more toxic as a platform, but it would allow me to dish out hot takes & reacts at a rapid clip.

Both of these items have:
- A biscuit
- A sausage patty
- An egg
- A hashbrown
- A medium coffee

So why is there a 15% discount for ordering the Big Breakfast with a coffee??

You can get that down to a *27% discount* when you apply a $0.99 coffee (any size) coupon.

on one hand, american gun culture has created the worst epidemic of school shootings known to man. on the other, we got this:

If we all post videos are we gonna bankrupt TeenJ? Will they have to be bailed out by the national org for half a million dollars?

Learning that DSA Labor got denied Twitter verification while shit like this is being posted 💀💀💀

this is what i want people to think when i tell them i’m a keyboard enthusiast

Thinking about how I said that I liked the Buttigieg campaign design system the other night

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