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Going to keep posting these as more people keep joining in exodus from birdsite:

If you aren't enjoying Mastodon.

Please take a look at these resources that will make your experience more user friendly.

More info on :

More info on :

\Andriod / IOS / Desktop apps, here is a list:

*I recommend Tusky for Andriod.

Making Apps for the fediverse:

Check out the Fediverse server network:

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Please consider signing my proposal for the DSA National Convention. I'd like DSA to endorse and support the usage of RCV in state, county, and municapal elections, in an effort to get more DSA folks elected. Proposal here , signature form is here

To all my DSA comrades out there. What are your organizing plans for 2023? Anyone excited for the convention? Got any ideas on how to make DSA a stronger org?

If your #LEGO Christmas gift runs on batteries, chances are it can run #Python #MicroPython with #Pybricks!

We launched the new stable release of #Pybricks over at just in time. πŸŽ„

Happy coding!

The mutual aid network I’m part of is working hard to get hotel rooms for our unhoused neighbors during this sub-zero winter storm. There’s a lot of need, and the more funds we have, the more people we can help. Please donate if you can at
#MutualAid #WeKeepUsSafe #HousingForAll


The NIH is making its RECOVER trials for #LongCovid test therapies that are actively harmful for these patients and have long been debunked: graded exercise therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. (Therapy's great to manage feels about this disease, not a way to cure this.)

Add your name to this petition to tell them to redirect energy into things that we don't already know will do harm:

#NEISvoid #covid #mecfs #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #GET #CBT

Wondering when the wind will finally end? Here's a timeline of wind gusts and wind chill temperatures through Monday. πŸ₯Ά

Along with the wind and rain we've seen all day, this storm will also drop temperatures overnight into the teens. Dress warm if you need to be out in the cold and if you see individuals who appear underdressed for the weather or disoriented, call 911 for support.

Did you know that you can clean up accounts from domains that no longer exist using the @Mastodon Admin CLI? For example, users from (which finally shut down this month) can be purged from your instance's local storage with the command

RAILS_ENV=production bin/tootctl domains purge

This is a vitally important usage as a #MastoAdminβ€Œ since accounts which are no longer functional only eat up storage space. #FediTips

the man’s trying to prove twitter is super alive by showing views but that’s just convincing me it’s deader than i thought

For the union-curious or people like me in states w/ hostile laws, you can still join a union this very minute to find out what it's all about. It is a worldwide union with a deep history: the IWW (International Workers of the World). Every , especially if you feel stuck in a meaningless , should be an too. Joining the will help you learn basic skills. Let me know if you have questions!

Developers Found Graves in the Virginia Woods. Authorities Then Helped Erase the Historic Black Cemetery.

The cemetery’s disappearance cleared the way for the expansion of a #Microsoft data center, despite layers of federal and state #regulations nominally intended to protect culturally significant sites.

β€œThis is not as bad as it sounds,” a consultant wrote in2014 to Microsoft & to a county official. β€œWe should be able to relocate these graves.”

Your union isn't recognized (yet). Can you organize strikes, job actions, and protests? And can your boss retaliate against you for it?

Drag Queen Story Hour shut down by armed fascists in Columbus OH 

I'd like to wish all American Rail Workers a very happy Wildcat Strike.

The U.S. military is poisoning Okinawa. Blood testing confirms high levels of carcinogen PFAS in the blood of hundreds living close to US bases.

Elon Musk released "files" about Hunter Biden is to distract from Musk on Friday reinstating a Nazi on Twitter and the report released Friday that found hate speech has skyrocketed on Twitter under Musk's reign. ISIS is even back using Twitter under Musk.

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