Kolektiva social really sounds godawful

diverging my Twitter social media presence into normal (mastodon) and horny (tumblr)

I am in Chicago and it is fucking snowing my dudes

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(repeating after self-help 8-track tape) i deserve a large automobile. i deserve a beautiful house. i deserve a beautiful wife.

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In the meadow we can build a snowman, and pretend that he is Alton Brown

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And soon, ladies & gentlemen, the coup de grâce

kolektiva social sounds like a sort of tartarean hell

*queen of England voice* He buckin on my ham til I palace

*gruff miner voice* she honking on that tonk til I saloon

online is dying and we are all returning to the real world

although I’m hoping someone brings up the other skeleton in the closet there

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for some reason all of LA’s terminally online “activist” groups that exist just to dissuade people from joining an org are just insanely fucking annoying and there’s one in particular where one day I’m going to ask “hey where did y’all’s gofundme money go” and start a kerfuffle

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Ever have a shitpost come to you so powerfully you partially make it, forget about it for months, then find it in your pictures folder begging for completion?

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this is such a cool - and interactive! - piece about Brian Eno's Ambient 1 - Music for Airports, including reconstructed loops you can combine yourself, ON THE PAGE


we should be required to hang little pictures of national director Maria Svart in prominent places in our home

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bro you seriously got a chocolate frosted? that's a beginner's donut bro be fr

forgot to post this but the other day there was just a plane in my neighborhood

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Good news! Remember that robot dog you saw with a gun!? It was made by @UnitreeRobotics. Seems all you need to dump it in the dirt is @flipper_zero. The PDB has a 433mhz backdoor. No need for @gnuradio! github.com/flipperdevices/flip @UnitreeRobot007 @IrvingRobotics @shunweicapital

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