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Yesterday, a community member captured the moment our unionized friends at 29th & Willamette in Eugene, OR marched on the boss and walked out on strike.

The grievances cited included unfair dress coding, misogynistic comments, abusive behavior, and health code violations.


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If rail workers do end up engaging in a wildcat or otherwise illegal strike, PLEASE remember that strikes are meant to be disruptive. If you see someone talking about the rail strike and how it's having such a huge impact, say things like "Yeah, it's crazy how much of our economy relies on them. That's why they deserve good health care."

Don't give in to anti-labour rhetoric. Combat false narratives. Solidarity Forever.

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Dirty breaking from Twitter 🫱🏼‍🫲🏿

Socialism.Social is a leading social network for socialist perspectives on politics, economics and culture. Drop Musk for tusks and swap tweets for toots. The future of socialist social media is here. Can you believe it?