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mastodons don't toot they rumble and if we do our thing right we'll get the ground to rumble too

If you have the means to fund a niece, nephew, cousin, or friend who has the expertise to run a mastodon server and you don't, that's a problem. ActivityPub services are acting as a last line of defense for mass public speech. You got money for a boat? You got money for a NUC and gigabit

until like a week ago i thought effective altruism meant you should donate to charities that buy malaria nets or vitamins. but i'm now discovering it's a movement to fund the coke habits of people who write substack articles about the dangers of hypothetical AI systems?

That's really rough, I'm sorry to hear that. It is so easy to slip between the cracks in this system, and if you can't advocate for yourself you're in serious trouble.

"too many requests" does this mean our instance is overloaded? @marxistvegan I think you are admin right? let me know if you need help, I'm a software engineer.

it's good to decentralize platforms for disaster tolerance and censorship resistance

remember when everyone was moving from MySpace to Facebook after MySpace got bought out? Twitter has big Myspace 2008 vibes right now

no DMs on mastodon? may be the feature that causes another platform to prevail

Socialism.Social is a leading social network for socialist perspectives on politics, economics and culture. Drop Musk for tusks and swap tweets for toots. The future of socialist social media is here. Can you believe it?