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let's hear it for socialism folks! how about them workers! copy & toot this on your page to show solidarity with the international working class✊ πŸ’―

daylight saving time was created by a guy in new zealand who wanted more sunlight after work to collect bugs for his bug-collecting hobby. it's never gone away because the ruling class wants to remind us twice a year that time, our only finite asset, is under their control

One thing to understand about police "reform" is that, if you have to teach someone that it's wrong to brutally beat an innocent person to death, you _can't_ actually teach them that it's wrong to brutally beat an innocent person to death.

Police killing people and then issuing press releases telling people not to destroy property is a good reminder that police kill people in order to protect property.

My advice for 2023: Make more pimento cheese sandwiches.

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boomers bragged about being the first generation of the family to go to college and get mad when we say we're the first generation who doesn't hit our kids

Been making a lot of grilled ham and cheese sandwiches this week. Also known in France as a croque monsieur.

But I like to call them by the English translation, Mister Crunchy.

thank you for your email. I am currently out of the office. I need a holidayβ€”a very long holidayβ€”and I don't expect I shall return. In fact, I mean not to!

Revisiting some childhood Christmas favorites and realizing Mickey's Christmas Carol (1983) is probably the first thing that gave me strong anti-capitalist feelings as a kid.

This is the time of the year that we all need to focus on our cheese balls.

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Sad Holiday Factsℒ️

Festive dish towels are rarely absorbent.

Fr tho I already used my private leaderboard for a friend group. Who's gonna make the DSA board?

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