Reply with a png of your chapter's logo and I'll make an emoji of it.

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@PapalPenguin You can find it in the emoji menu when you compose a toot.

You can also type [colon]chidsa[colon] but with actual : instead of [colon]

@stankaaron i figured it out had to go to my pc to look at it thanks :)

@gerica Awesome. Taking my kid to a playdate but I'll add these as soon as I get back.

@granito :triangledsa: 🫑

Love the possum logo lol.

It looks like you're on a different Mastodon server btw. So this might not show up for you, but you can ask your server admins to copy the emoji from

@stankaaron that worked! I can see it, thank you 😁 (I'll pass along the compliments to the creator)

@BinaryBolshevik Wow cool logo.

I'll do the emoji in just a bit when I can get back to my laptop.

@BinaryBolshevik :ydsafiu: 🫑

I've added this emoji to, but you will need to ask the administrator of your server to copy it over if you want to use it there.

Or you could join here ;)

@stankaaron Still thinking about it, but I wanna learn more about the instance admin first. I probably will migrate eventually though in all likelihood. Gonna go ahead and sponsor the Patreon though :)

@stankaaron Going to be changing to CT DSA soon, but this is what we got going on now.

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