Twitter is experiencing a major outage, our time is now! Knew keeping this thing up was worth.

I just found this awesome artwork poster of Baby Yoda and I am so excited! It's the perfect addition to my collection of Star Wars memorabilia. The attention to detail in the design is really impressive and I can't wait to hang it up in my living room. #BabyYoda #StarWars #Artwork

OK, here it goes. Why quote-posting is a critical positive feature we need to get on this platform. A 🧡 of uses (I'll start; feel free to add)

the chinese communist party is the most effective center-left party worldwide. the democratic party is in second place

kolektiva social sounds like a sort of tartarean hell

what if the uk was socialist and everyone on here had to pretend to love english food and talk about how great the people are all the time

my version of cognitive behavioral therapy is that whenever someone does something i don't like, i smile and think "god will punish them"

"Let the ruling classes tremble at a communist revolution."

we should be required to hang little pictures of national director Maria Svart in prominent places in our home

bro you seriously got a chocolate frosted? that's a beginner's donut bro be fr

Interviewer: why did you leave your last job?

Me: because of something my boss said

Interviewer: it says here you were fired

Me: that's the thing he said

if jurassic park was made today the line would be "clever non-binary person" !

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